The library board of trustees annually sends out a fundraising letter to patrons, library supporters, local community leaders, and others asking for support for the library.  Donors are divided into the following categories based on the amount of their current year contribution. The following categories are used:  Builder $50+; Founder $100+; Cornerstone $500+.   Donors were thanked publicly with an advertisement in the Clarksburg Exponent Newspaper.  Donors will also be added to an upcoming in-library display which will list donors each year with special notation on the multiple year donors. 

Thank you to the following individuals, businesses, clubs, organizations,  and government agencies for their support.


Lost Creek United Methodist Women

West Milford Lion's Club

Mr. and Mrs. John Curry

DC's General Store (Denny Chamberlain)

B & S One Stop (Bill and Sue Powell)

Roberta Flanigan

Hameroff Insurance Agency (Hill and Bonnie Turner)

Jane Lewis

Sharon Smith McDonald

Miley Legal Group (Tim Miley)

Janice Sleznick

Mike & Mary Tillman


Joyce and John Allen

Frank "Chunki" Angotti

Ann and Bill Davison

Ronald Fragale

Friendly Neighbors CEOS

Worthy and Elizabeth Hall

Johnstown Lions Club

Lost Creek Lions Club

Lost Creek Senior Citizens Club

Village Pharmacy (Randy Williams)

Greg and Kim Wriston

Heidi and Graham Alsbrooks

K Alsbrooks

Southern Area Women's Club

Terry & David Waxman


Ike & Betty Maxwell

Michael J Romano


Patsy S Trecost III

Margaret Bailey

Laura Lightner

Southern Area Library Board of Trustees and the library staff would also like to thank the following government agencies for their ongoing support:

Harrison County Commission

Harrison County Board of Education

Lost Creek Town Council

West Virginia Library Commission