The library board of trustees annually sends out a fundraising letter to patrons, library supporters, local community leaders, and others asking for support for the library.  Donors are divided into the following categories based on the amount of their current year contribution. The following categories are used: 

Builder $50+; Founder $100+; Cornerstone $500+.  

The fundraising letters are typically mailed out to supporters in the fall so please watch your mail for your letter each fall.  If you would like to be added to this fundraiser campaign mailing list, please send your address to the library by calling us at 304.745.4865 or sending your information to our director Wilma Bennett at

Southern Area Library Trustee Board Members:

Cynthia Wotasek

Lisa Booth

Jayme Lowther

Elizabeth Vincent

Cara Miley Hall

Our community of supporters mean the world to us, and they help us mean the world to our community.  Won't you join us in our efforts to provide educational and entertaining activities to our community by being a part of our fundraisers. 

Southern Area Library Board of Trustees and the library staff would also like to thank the following government agencies for their ongoing support:

Harrison County Commission

Harrison County Board of Education

Lost Creek Town Council